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  Free programs

Downloadable programs that have been tried and tested by Mrs Hunt. However, you download programs at your own risk.

Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper
Help Jimmy to get back all of his toilet paper in this fun puzzle-like game, which gets trickier to problem-solve as you go. Control Jimmy with [ARROW KEYS]. Press [DOWN] (or [SHIFT]) to hold on to the toilet paper and drag it with you. You have to collect all of the toilet paper in the level to get to the next one.[SPACE] restarts the level.


Learn Italian
Simple program for learning the basics of Italian. Alternatively, this can be accessed online - click here.


LEGO Digital Designer
Create virtual LEGO!

     New version:



Old version:




Sebran's ABC
Easy-to-use program to assist children in becoming more familiar with letters and numbers (and some basic maths operations).

Sight Words Buddy
Simple program for practising frequently used words.



SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run side-scroller game. The original developer is the same one behind TuxPaint (below).
Windows version
Mac 10.4.x (or greater) version

Times Tables
Excellent freeware for learning times tables in a fun way. Easy to use. Click on *Download from or to start downloading the zip file, click here.


Timez Attack!
Fun 3D game to practise multiplication skills. Base version is free.


Tux Paint
Great drawing program that most of our children are familiar with. (Similar to KidPix, but many young children prefer TuxPaint.)

Tux Typing
Educational typing tutor for children. 
Windows version
Mac OS X version


Free programs (for computers)

Well-known anti-spyware software.


AVG Free Anti-virus
Easy, effective anti-virus software. Highly recommended.

CutePDF Writer
Wouldn't be without it! Turn almost any document or photo into a pdf file. This program installs itself as a printer subsystem, so when you choose PRINT, you select CutePDF Writer as the printer in order to save it as a pdf file. Highly recommended.

An alternative web browser to Internet Explorer, and one which many claim is far more reliable. Firefox will play the direct .swf links that may leave your IE7 with a blank screen. Recommended. *Must-have add-ons includes: All-in-One Sidebar, DeskCut, New Tab Homepage.


Gadwin Printscreen
A regularly used program for capturing screenshots. Very effective, and easier to use than it first seems. Recommended.


Spybot-Search & Destroy is very effective privacy/anti-spyware software. Worth running regularly. Many users run this plus Ad-Aware from above. Highly recommended.