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A Day at the Beach
Simple modelled subtraction.

Add em Up
A wonderful game for practising addition. Instructions are necessary, but it's easy to work out.



Adding Bricks
Basic demo or practice tool for understanding addition using small modelled collections.

Addition Bingo
Add up the numbers and beat the hammer to get 5 in a row, remembering there can be more than one way to add numbers to get a total.


Addition Wheel
Arrange the numbers so each line adds up to the target number.

Award Ceremony
A great number ordering activity. Various levels from whole numbers to 50, right up to decimals and large numbers.


Butterfly Ten Frame
Recommended subtraction practice for 3-6 year olds!


Broken Calculator
A great problem-solving activity for those mathematicians looking for a challenge.


Need a calculator? Try this online one. Great for the IWB!

Another one here.

Or try the
Talking Calculator!


A virtual manipulative. Play around with them. Design a pattern for someone to copy!
More? Centicube Challenge!
Centicube Subtraction.

Change Maker
Use Australian money (coins) to give the correct change. Choose the level of difficulty.


Solve these addition and subtraction problems as fast as you can in order to get the climber to the top.
The higher the level, the faster he slips down while waiting for your answer! (Ignore the league tables.)


An easier variation on the classic Mastermind game. Great logic game using numbers.


Code Cracker
Solve various math facts to work out the secret message. Choose from 3 levels.



Counting Cars
Use your counting skills to work out which car you should steer towards and bump. Be sure to get the right car or the police will get you! Similarities to learning about number lines.


Counting Game
A skip-counting game. Earn points by getting faster.



Cross the Swamp
Choose from addition/subtraction, or multiplication/division to solve equations.


Fantastic darts game to practise doubles and addition. Teacher controls to set the level of difficulty. Great for the IWB.


Darts (add/subtract to 301)
An addition and subtraction game of "Three Oh One" for those mathematically minded students who are ready for a challenge. If the instructions won't disappear, refresh your browser and try again.


Division Factory
A fun way to generate division problems.


Doodle Dots
A real favourite for practising skip-counting or alphabetical order with this interactive dot-to-dot.


A great IWB tool, showing a number line. Estimate the value at the arrow.


Fishy Numbers
Claim the fish by using the number cards and choosing one operation, such as + or -. The first player to claim 6 fish is the winner.
For 1 or 2 players.


Five Little Ducks KARAOKE
Sing-a-long to this old favourite for learning numbers to five, and understanding 'counting back'. Also Ten Fat Sausages song.


Flitting with Fractions
Choose the right butterflies to put into the jar. What is the fraction of butterflies you caught?


Flower Power
A basic demonstration tool for the IWB to show fact families. Children can practise relating addition to subtraction.


Four turns to 100
A card game involving addition and place value. Practise against the computer, then try it with real cards.


Give the dog a bone
Find 10 hidden bones in a 1-100 square within a minute. A great game for learning about numbers, although would be better if it were a 0-99 square.


Add your own title and axis values to create your own graph.


Guess the number!
The classic "higher/lower" guessing game.


Interactive Games
Some really good maths games here. Ghost Blasters is a fun one!


Make a BIG number!
Use the number spinner. What's the biggest number you can make? A great game for place value.


Math Racer
Practise your multiplication by steering into the correct answers.


Maths Dictionary for Kids
Clear explanations and many interactives for the IWB! Try looking up "add, addition" for an example.


Number Square
A hundred square with options of 0-99 or 1-100 (or any other starting point up to 100). Show patterns of multiples or primes, hide numbers or columns/rows. Seems a bit daunting at first, but easy to work out, especially with the help of the info button!


Number Track
A simple activity to learn about numbers and ordering 1-20


Number Trains 1-10
Order the carriages. This is a sample of a learning object that can normally only be accessed at school or by teachers at home.


Pattern Blocks - NLVM
Make your own pattern block design online. Rotate blocks by dragging a corner point.


Place Value Charts
Excellent for understanding place value.


Place Value IWB tool
An IWB tool for hundreds, tens and ones. There's an option to show the number of dots relating to each digit. Use the info button to get a feel for this tool.

Add 3 numbers at a time without going over 10. Add to 10 or 20 exactly to earn a point.


Primary Krypto
Get to the target number by using the given numbers and any operations. Very challenging!


Rock Hopper
Jump on the numbers to add up to the given total. Select your grade: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th.


Scribble Square
A hundred square that you can scribble on!



Snakes and Ladders
Great fun for up to 6 players. Great for the IWB!


WOW! So much to do for so many levels. Great graphics and audio too.



Super Sequencer
A skip-counting tool for the IWB. Start from any number and set the increment.


Tangram Puzzles
Rotate the pieces and fit them into the puzzles.


Ten Frame
A fantastic interactive to play with ten frames. There is also a Five Frame.


Ten Frames - Excel sheet
A basic Excel spreadsheet containing 3 pages with different coloured counters. Easy for the IWB!


This isn't just limited to temperature. It could  be a great real-life tool for work on number lines, estimation, addition, subtraction, etc.


Vertical Addition & Subtraction
Solve these 2-digit equations with the help of an on-screen pencil and multiple-choice answers.



Water Slide
Work out which numbers add to 20. Then try addition to 100, and so on. Fit the pieces into the water slide.


Water Slide Subtraction
Cut the pipe to make the correct size pieces for the water slide.


Your Number's Up!
A great gameshow made by kids at Ambleside PS!
Also a harder version.